Friday, July 15, 2011

Social Networking Team Solves Part of Problem

The Mediacom Social Networking team has worked with me through various channels and solved part of the problem. There are still technical challenges, but progress is being made.


  1. I'm a small web developer who maintains a server with 1& I have numerous local clients in Mediacom territory. As of yesterday July 15, 2012, none of my domains are resolving for customers on Mediacom ISP (and this is regardless of whether they are using Mediacom's DNS).

    I can hop on a neighbor's unprotected Centurylink wifi, and hit all of my domains and servers. The problem is limited exclusively to Mediacom. Of course, I get absolutely nowhere with their Tier 1 support, and they refuse to escalate the issue. I spent 20 years as a network engineer with a degree in computer science, so speaking with their support, who want me to "power cycle" my modem and check my anti-virus software, is mind-numbing.

    Just to confirm... You believe that Mediacom IS hijacking DNS even when the customer is using non-Mediacom DNS addresses (Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, etc...)? That's the only conclusion that I cannot rule out.

    - Bill

  2. Bill,

    I am no longer a Mediacom customer so I can't comment on their current practices. However, they never (as far as I know) modified DNS requests if you didn't use their DNS servers. They did use deep packet inspection and modify HTTP traffic, but it sounds like your problem is different.