Friday, July 15, 2011

Social Networking Team Solves Part of Problem

The Mediacom Social Networking team has worked with me through various channels and solved part of the problem. There are still technical challenges, but progress is being made.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Slow or No Progress

I am slowly working my way up the chain of command in search of someone who can make this right. Mediacom has no incentive to stop maliciously hijacking legitimate HTTP traffic unless customers demand monetary compensation in the form of account credits in response to this ongoing problem. Thus far, everyone I have dealt with has been extremely polite, but has stated that they cannot offer a credit for this issue as they believe they are still providing consistent service. My response is that they are only providing partial service in that they are selectively hijacking traffic and creating a situation in which the connection itself cannot be trusted. This sort of "man in the middle" attack is absolutely abhorrent and must be stopped.

On the plus side, the Mediacom Social Networking Team has once again provided consistent clear and polite communication regarding this issue. They are absolutely the best way to contact Mediacom if you have any sort of problem.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Problem Reappears

The problem appears to be reappearing every few weeks. Usually, opting in and back out is sufficient to fix it again but it is incredibly aggravating having random requests fail to produce valid results due to the standards-breaking HTTP hijacking Mediacom is perpetrating upon its customers.

To date, I have not asked for or received any sort of compensation for the aggravation this issue has caused. I have opened a new thread in the Mediacom support boards asking for the problem to be fixed and for credit to be issued to my account for the fact that I have had to deal with this problem repeatedly.

The Mediacom board team has worked hard to try to solve the problem in the past and I am hopeful that they do so again this time. It is sad that such effective customer support people are being undercut by such incompetence on the network operations side.

Update: A Mediacom representative replied that they are unable to issue credit for this issue. I have replied requesting contact information for the entity that can issue such a credit. This should raise red flags with current and potential customers - Mediacom's initial response is that they cannot issue credit when the connection is not functioning properly due to Mediacom's own choices.