Friday, July 8, 2011

Slow or No Progress

I am slowly working my way up the chain of command in search of someone who can make this right. Mediacom has no incentive to stop maliciously hijacking legitimate HTTP traffic unless customers demand monetary compensation in the form of account credits in response to this ongoing problem. Thus far, everyone I have dealt with has been extremely polite, but has stated that they cannot offer a credit for this issue as they believe they are still providing consistent service. My response is that they are only providing partial service in that they are selectively hijacking traffic and creating a situation in which the connection itself cannot be trusted. This sort of "man in the middle" attack is absolutely abhorrent and must be stopped.

On the plus side, the Mediacom Social Networking Team has once again provided consistent clear and polite communication regarding this issue. They are absolutely the best way to contact Mediacom if you have any sort of problem.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your commitment. Your blog has motivated me to make one of my own dealing with this issue.

    I have worked my way up the chain of command too, dealing with polite tech support workers that have no commitment to the corrupt business ethics of the company. Most are unaware of this problem; however, when described to them, they agree that it is dishonest and needs to be changed.

    When I talk about money however, I get transferred and instructed that my call must be terminated and that I need to talk to them through an attorney.