Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Problem Appears Resolved (Round 2)

It once again appears as though the problem has been resolved. The Mediacom Social Networking Team continued to work diligently on this problem and posted a message to their forum this morning that it had been addressed. After opting in then back out of the hijacking services per Mediacom's instructions, I am unable to reproduce the redirect behavior on either a home or business account. MediacomBryan posted the following explanation as to the cause of the problem and gave me permission to quote it here:

The main database that houses the modem list for opt outs wasn't communicating properly with all the systems involved. Once the communication issue was repaired, the opt-in then opt-out process was required so that all the systems would get a new message to remove your modem from their respective list(s).

I will update this blog if the problem reappears.


  1. I noticed over the weekend that it wasn't respecting my opt out either. I'll check tonight when I get home.

  2. Just FYI, Mediacom is still hijacking 404 pages, even if you are opted out of everything.